Engaging Content! Who doesn’t want to create engaging content? Here you learn how your content can turn first-time visitors into regular visitors.

Creating interesting, informative and engaging content is of great importance these days. You need to understand that there are so many blogs and websites out there competing for attention. If you want to draw your audience in, you have to hook them early. Your audience should love your work so much that they can’t wait to share it with others. Here are some tips to make your content more engaging

Engaging Content

Visual Content

Adding visuals to your content has a different way of communicating a message to the reader. By adding visual content, your audience will be more engaged. Infographics have become very popular over the past few years because it is able to explain a difficult message in a simple visual manner. For some reason, our brains processes images better than the written word.

Stay Current

Always look at current events and try to build your own view around it. Writing on current events keeps your content relevant and seeing as the conversation is already going on around it, you can only win. You are also more likely to come up on the search engines seeing as this is a current topic being searched constantly.

Story Telling

When you write in your natural voice, people can relate more. If you try and sound more like an encyclopedia, it may not resonate with a majority of your readers. In order for someone to read your entire article, they will do so if it is interesting and sounds like a real person. Forget about trying to be too professional in your writing and write for actual people. When paraphrasing quotes, make sure you write it in your own original voice.

Dig deeper

If you are writing about a topic that has been covered by a lot of writers, add something more. Do more research than the average blogger and you will have a better chance of having your article shared. If you just repeat everything that was said already, you are not really adding value to your readers. Make sure you stand out by giving as much information as you could possibly find.

Shorter sentences

 The attention span of the average person seems to be getting shorter. This is because we have so much information available at the click of a button. Keep your sentences short and you might have a better chance of keeping the attention of your audience. You have to still give your article flow but you can easily do that while writing shorter sentences. Don’t let your sentences drag on.

Power words

Using power words gives your article that punch. You have to tap into the emotions of your readers. By using your own set of power words, you will be able to demand attention. You don’t have to sound like a salted motivational speaker. You just have to take your average article and pump it up. Here are some examples of power words.

  • Discover
  • Elite
  • Eliminate
  • Scary


Your headline is the first step to engaging your readers. They will decide on an account of your headline if the article is for them. If your headline is bland, your content may never be read, no matter how good it is. Take some time on your headline and don’t underestimate the value of a good headline. Here is an example of what a powerful headline showed look like.

I nearly lost all my money.

Be yourself

Not everyone is going to like your writing, but you need to find the ones that do. If I relate to someone who is writing an article, I am more likely to come back. Be yourself so that you don’t have to overthink every article. Write about how you speak. This way, those who relate are more willing to share your article. Also, when you paraphrase citations, do not lose any of the important information.

Content marketing is on the up and you have to keep up with trends. Writing engaging content is different for everyone because your audience is individuals. We all have our own tastes but if you stick to these guidelines, you should soon find your articles shared more.


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