6 Important Techniques of Email Marketing to Grow Business, Raise brand awareness, boost sales by promoting products/services to Establish customer loyalty.

Out of many special tools, email marketing is one of the best digital marketing mediums used by online businesses to attract more leads and draw them to their online portals. By the end of 2018, the number rose to 5.2 Billion accounts. More than 26% CAGR is noted in this segment as almost every urban smart device a user owns more than two email IDs. The reports also suggest that more than 72% of consumers like to receive an email from various companies or communication. 61% like promotional emails for getting notified about the recent deals and offers.

Email marketing is considered to be the most popular and useful digital marketing channel in terms of personalized promotion for online brands. The reason behind choosing email as the best communication medium by the users is the higher degree of control on what they want to receive. This is where efficient online marketing agencies use email marketing tools so as to cater to the specific targeting requirement of the clients.

Best techniques to improve Email Marketing to Grow Business

The techniques vary from one business to the other. It depends on the demography of the target audience and the type of products sold by the companies. It also depends on the business strategies adopted by the companies to showcase their products and promote them online.

Here is the specific list of techniques that will tell you how to do email marketing.

1. Personalize the email content without using the user’s name
The digital world is becoming more convenient and scary at the same time. The users often feel that an unknown email can cause harm to their identity. They also think that mentioning their name in the email content is a security breach. It is better to keep the content simpler and nameless so that the target audience can connect to the business easily.

There are numerous examples of phishing, identity theft, fraudulent activities, etc in the digital world. To avoid these negative thoughts in the user’s mind, greet users and simply focus on the deals you want to offer.

To personalize the email marketing process, use specific email marketing tools to track campaigns, record the customer purchases, needs and use this information to create personalized content for the users. This will help to connect with the users on a personal level.

2. Subject lines
A report from Adestra suggests that a subject line with only ten characters or less enjoys more than 58% opening rate. This is one of the most important email marketing tips that will help your emails reach the crowd perfectly.

For an instance, Barack Obama used only single words as subjects in the email subject line to promote. The emails worked magnificently and raised $690 Million in funds online. Use a minimum number of characters to define what you want to promote and escalate the chances of opening rates. The user does not spend more than a few seconds to understand and discard the emails unless they create the first impression right away.

3. The right time to send emails
Imagine you are trying to grab the attention of a class of working professionals in the middle of the day. When the professionals are tired of working relentlessly for hours, they will feel hungry and have a minimal attention span. Even if your proposals are excellent, they will not pay any attention. This is why you need to rethink about the email sending time.

The email marketing strategy definition suggests that the right time to send emails after 8 PM till midnight. During this time, the majority of the working population is back home and well-rested. This is the time to approach the refreshed target audience. The opening rates will automatically escalate. Your emails will enjoy a higher engagement level from the relaxed audience during this time of the day. The email marketing tools also offer fortified information regarding the opening time of the emails you have sent. Based on the generated data, you can easily identify the right time.

4. Offer something
Engaging the audience is the next most difficult step in the email marketing sector. As per the leading brands’ email marketing strategy 2019, the best way to start an engagement process via email is to offer something to the users. Giving away free subscriptions for coupons can be the best icebreaker as per the Bluewire Media report.

The giveaways have a winning rate of 200% over the other ice-breaking strategies for sure. Once you start giving away free stuff, you will find more subscriptions from the users every month. Design a plan beforehand and maintain a balance when you are thinking of giving away free stuff to the audience.

5. Mobile optimization

It has been found that most of the brands forget to optimize the email marketing content and make it mobile responsive. It means that the user will find it easier to read the content when it is perfectly optimized to the screen resolutions. The difficulty of perceiving the offers you want to promote will automatically escalate the engagement of the users. On the other hand, an email content that does not display well will deflect the users right away. Prepare your content using a single column template. For better readability, use clarified fonts of higher sizes. Keep the ergonomic designs in mind as the majority of the users use their thumb to scroll.

6. Re-engagement campaigns

A recent report suggests that more than 63% of the users in a list are inactive. You can retarget these inactive users via a new strategic campaign. Your email marketing strategy plan must have a retargeting plan too. It is easier to identify subscribers who are not active. Prepare a top-quality content to reignite their wishes. Notify them that the brand has missed their participation. Provide them with a better offering plan and re-engage them.


Use these extraordinary email marketing tips and techniques shared by the digital marketing experts in your favor. Add more business to your venture by using email marketing strategies perfectly. We hope you got some good ideas about Techniques of Email Marketing to Grow Business. Share your view on Email Marketing to Grow Business & Raise brand awareness.

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