SEO is an on-going and continuous process and if applied diligently and effective SEO strategy can lead to online success, conversion and more traffic for your website. The strategy has to be tailored as per the target market and your business requirements. You need to chart a proper SEO Plan and if you do a great job at it, you can ensure an increase in revenue for the company and its overall success. Any SEO company in Delhi or in any part of the world should innovate and apply various techniques for garnering traffic and bringing visitors to its website.

Here, we will be discussing ways to build a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy. A thoughtful, prioritized and well-planned SEO strategy is the only way to get targeted traffic and to ultimately achieve high rankings on Google and major search engines.

Researching target audience and Brainstorming Relevant Keywords

Identifying the target audience is vital for performing the first step in the on-going process of an SEO strategy. You should be able to identify the target audience and dive into finding demographic and geographic locations. As a next step, you should brainstorm relevant keywords by using popular Keyword tools. This is extremely important as using the correct keywords can make your SEO a great success and failing to do so can actually break it.

These keywords should ideally have high volume and medium to low competition to increase their chances of ranking well on Google. Make sure you have a well-assorted list of final keywords with long-tail keywords also in there. As a starter, you can use Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool. For a more in-depth Keyword analysis, though there are a plethora of Keyword tools available in the market, SEM Rush and Word Tracker are some of the popular ones.

Content Marketing

Writing Content is an integral part of any SEO strategy. The website should have a strategy into practice focused around your top keywords. Creating content by using blog posts and webinars provides links that engage the intended audience. Also writing articles by using those keywords in the main title also gives an opportunity for those keywords to rank in Google and other search engines.

The content created on your website should be always fresh, interesting and original which will help in increasing value, increasing the audience engagement and the overall domain authority. If the post itself gets shared on social media, that is a great advantage as it creates a number of links in terms of quantity. Google loves content. Therefore if you keep your website updated with new content, it will definitely help you in better rankings on Google.

Creating Backlinks

Creating quality backlinks is quite a powerful way of making your SEO strategy successful and to rank high on Google. Crafting a strong link building strategy and creating inbound links in a natural way is indeed a crucial part. There are many ways you can get quality links to increase the authority of the website. Identifying your competitor’s links, researching and implementing those links in your own strategy is another way to increase the quality.

Developing connections within your niche or target audience helps to get more people on your website for knowing more about the brand. It is quite natural that the more people know you, the more people are probably going to link back to your website. Other commonly used methods of acquiring backlinks by using white hat techniques include links from high authority sites within your niche, creating relevant content and links from affiliated organizations by specially requesting them.

Social Media also contributes greatly in creating links and promoting your content. Sharing the content on popular Social Media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and others increases audience engagement and makes your website more popular. Other ways to conduct off-page link building include social bookmarking, directory submissions, video submissions, article directories, search engine submissions, classified submissions, free business listings, forum participation, and others.

Site Structure

An indispensable part of an effective SEO strategy is the site structure. The site structure should not be overly complicated which might prevent the crawlers from indexing the website. A strong interlinking structure also helps greatly in increasing the user-friendliness of the website. The more easily they are able to crawl the website, the better it is for the overall ranking on Google. Do make sure that you have good internal links, convenient navigation, and methodical site structure.

Mobile Friendliness

Google had introduced the concept of mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in SEO since April of last year. This year another update ensured that Google was considering the mobile-friendliness of a website as one of the most important factors. Mobile-Friendly websites rank more on Google. More than 60% of the users who do web browsing are on Mobiles for their convenience.

Therefore having a responsive and mobile-friendly design not only increases your rankings but also increases the customer conversions as the audience on mobiles is increasing by every passing day. Responsive design not only allows users to view the site properly on mobiles but also on any other electronic device. Such a design adjusts to the screen size and the type of device the customer is using.

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