Linkedin is a great channel to find potential customers. To connect with strangers and turn them into warm prospects. Curious how to increase interaction on Linkedin? How to build warm relationships to recruit customers through Linkedin. Below I have shared 10 tips for better leads.

1 Invest time in your network
Linkedin will only work for you if you put in time and effort yourself. It is a nice channel to build a business network. And it is also possible to recruit new customers via Linkedin. However, people do not immediately become customers. They (users) need to get to know you better first. You have to maintain that network. Building relationships takes time.

2 Show your value in your summary
Make sure you have a good, appealing Linkedin profile in which you position yourself correctly. Potential customers read your summary. You want them to feel that you understand them when they read your summary. That you understand what their problem is and that you can also help solve it. They have to trust that your expertise also produces concrete results. They want to see you did this before. Keep that in mind. You can do this as follows:

  • In the first sentence of your Linkedin summary, tell what you do and for whom.
  • Then you can explain this and give concrete examples that show your experience.
  • Especially emphasize the importance of this experience and results for your ideal customers.
  • End with a call to action.

With a call to action you can think of, for example: ask people to call you, schedule a free consultation in your agenda or email you. Make it as easy as possible to take the next step with you. Through such a summary, customers see that you understand what they need and how you can help them achieve results.

3 Add media to your profile
The only place where you can personalize your Linkedin profile is your summary. You have 2,000 characters there to tell you about yourself. Note: only the first 230 characters are initially visible to desktop users, and on mobile, this is even limited to 85 characters. The rest is a matter of filling in your Linkedin profile correctly. That is why it is a good idea to also add extra media to your profile. For example, you can add a video or a Slideshare presentation in which you can show some more of yourself.

4 Share valuable content that shows your expertise
If you share content on Linkedin, focus on topics you want to be known for. What is your expertise? You can share your content or content from others. Share articles that are valuable to your ideal customers and especially provide your insights or opinion so that you show that you are an expert in your field. Sharing content has several advantages. You can get in direct contact with your ideal customers with your messages and comments. When people see you as an expert e.g. digital marketing expert, they are more likely to do business with you and become a customer. Sharing content regularly ensures that you are visible in the Linkedin feed.

5 Respond to messages from others
Do not only post content but also respond to relevant messages from others. By responding to such a post you add value and you also show what your expertise is. You bring yourself to the attention of a whole new audience. Chances are you will also receive an invitation from those who see this update or the creator of this post. And otherwise, you have a nice hook to approach people actively. You are no longer a stranger.

6 Invite people who respond to your post
If people respond to one of your Linkedin posts, you can invite them to make a connection. To share valuable content in which you share tips or trends from your field, but which also elicit interaction. Ask questions or start a discussion. You can invite anyone who leaves a comment as a Linkedin connection. They have already seen your photo and name pass by. This means you are no longer a stranger and you have a nice hook to invite someone.

7 Actively approach customers yourself
If your profile is in order and you have posted some messages (which position you as a helpful expert in your field), you can recruit potential customers via Linkedin by actively approaching them. Just send an invitation. Of course with a personal invitation because this person may not know you at all. Make these messages as personal as possible (with the knowledge you have about this person). And do not immediately offer your services. But first, build relationships. Maybe you already have a business relationship with each other, but not on Linkedin.

8 Use the search function
In the search bar, you can search specifically for people or people with certain functions. But you can also search for companies. You will then see which of your connections work for that company and also who works freelance for that company. This is because they mention the name of that company in their profile. You can use this to search for very interesting connections. And you also immediately see which of your connections you can introduce.

9 Keep an eye on your notifications
Everyone likes to receive recognition or just receive congratulations. You can use Linkedin to view notifications of special occasions. Then you have a nice hook to send a connection a personal message. You can see these special occasions in your newsfeed. You will also receive notifications from Linkedin when it is someone’s birthday or someone has a new position, for example. So check your Linkedin notifications regularly, because these are great times to congratulate someone with a personal message. And nothing beats 1-on-1 conversations to build relationships and recruit customers through Linkedin.

10 Prepare for sales calls
You used to have to dig deep to know a little more about the person you’re dating. You can already find a lot of information on Linkedin. That makes it very easy to get to know your conversation partner better in advance. Dive into someone’s profile and also view someone’s articles and activities on Linkedin. That makes a sales conversation a lot easier.

Linkedin, therefore, makes it very easy to find new customers, connect with strangers and turn them into warm leads. Connect actively with potential customers, share valuable content and maintain relationships.