What countries require VPN protection? {Protect Your Privacy} Some countries look at the legal aspects of file-sharing so this is the best guide for them.

Avid travelers should be aware of internet restrictions in the country they are planning to visit as a lot of them still provide internet censorship or surveillance. Governments control the online environment their citizens use and travelers may want to hide their identities and personal information. In most cases, restrictions are focusing only on websites with adult or illegal content.

Among countries with the strictest monitoring and controlling measures are:

  • Bahrain is focusing mainly on political and social content;
  • China blocked access to such popular international social media websites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook along with blogging sites;
  • Cuba is known as the enemy of the Internet and has the lowest ratio of computers per person in the world;
  • The government of Iran limits internet speeds and provides the strictest control in the world. Social networks are prohibited and citizens are allowed using only local email services. A lot of bloggers facing imprisonment and harassment. If you are planning to visit this country do your best to preserve confidentiality – click here to learn more about possible ways to ensure online safety while abroad.

Among other countries that require tourists to get special online protection are Yemen, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Addressing a reliable VPN provider guarantees unrestricted access to any website at any time.

VPN Protection

Best VPNs for travelers

Today, the market for VPN services has a lot to offer for home and corporate use. Anyone will benefit greatly from addressing VPN providers and especially those who often engaged in business trips or loves to travel and want to have access to favorite streaming websites and social media. Netflix is one of the restricted websites that is extremely popular as it offers a wide array of entertaining shows, movies, series. There is nothing better than returning to a hotel room after long negotiations and relax a bit watching the latest episodes of some show.

This all is possible with the best VPNs and among them, we can mention the following:

• Pure VPN protects online privacy, unblocks banned websites and offers complete online security preventing hackers and other third parties from accessing personal messages. Using the services of this provider it is easy to stay completely anonymous while surfing the web. 256-bit encryption protects all data. The company offers over 500 servers located across the world and supplies 80000 IPs. This is the best solution for home and office use;

Best VPNs for travelers

  • Buffered VPN is considerably new on the market but already have positive feedback and numerous clients. Company’s servers located in 36 countries and ensure amazing speed. Strong encryption and unlimited bandwidth making this provider top rated. The software supports such platforms as Linux, Mac, Windows;
  • Nord VPN is, first, famous thanks to its no-logs policy that ensures no one will be able looking through the user’s browsing history even VPN company’s employees. Safe public Wi-Fi, unrestricted Internet access to banned or restricted content, complete privacy is guaranteed with this provider.

Internet browsing is much easier and safer with the right VPN provider who effectively hides clients’ online activity.

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