The word “Cloud” is no more anonymous to us and most of the organizations. It has become the most used buzzword from the past few years. Its adoption in the businesses has completely transformed the mode of working which is used earlier. Based on a study, the value of public cloud services is growing exponentially and expected to reach more than $330 billion by 2022. Cloud computing offers the small to large enterprises an equal opportunity to grow and scale their businesses by providing them access to high-end technology and infrastructure.

The benefits of cloud computing are enormous. From providing access to high-end technology to high productivity to greater security, it offers a list of benefits to enterprises. In this article, we will have a look at the tremendous role plays in developing businesses.

1) High Performance-

One of the key reasons businesses adopt cloud computing is its high performance. It uses robust and ultra-fast computing resources and provides high performing servers. These computing resources get updated from time to time to provide hassle-free performance.

2) High Flexibility-

Flexibility is another important aspect of cloud computing. With the help of cloud computing platforms businesses are being run 24*7 with full flexibility. You both have to bother about time and location to stay updated.

3) High Data Security-

Cloud computing is equipped with high data security. There is a slew of security regulations that need to be followed to prevent data from unauthorized attacks and hacks. In cloud computing a single data is stored on multiple servers, so you also don’t need to store it in your hardware devices.

4) Disaster Recovery-

Be it small or large, each business is at risk of attacks. Cloud computing has robust solutions to lessen the impact of each disaster. Small scale business needs not to fret on spending money on disaster recovery as it is taken care of by the cloud provider itself.
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5) High Scalability-

Scalability of the resources, when needed by the enterprises, is one of the important aspects that make cloud computing a sought-after technology. It allows us to scale up to more computing resources on the go whenever required as well as scale down the resources when not needed.

6) Cost-effective-

Cloud computing is cost-effective as you don’t have to bother about setting up the infrastructure and costly servers on your premises. All servers are placed and managed at the data centers by the service providers.

7)High Uptime-

A business that operates critical operations is more likely to experience downtime or server failure. In that scenario, cloud platforms emerge as the shield to safeguard the business from such failure. It also guarantees high uptime by migrating data onto the working server from the standstill server.

Final Word from Intellectbuzz

Cloud computing is undoubtedly useful for enterprises in many aspects and playing an important role in developing business. Businesses that are still untouched with this most sought-after technology is lagging in terms of scalability, performance, availability, uptime, and security.

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