It is predicted that many blogs will come up in 2017 as it did in 2016. Unfortunately, many of these blogs will never be read by anyone but the writer. We see blogs come up all the time and go cold. Even if the potential is great, the owner either loses interest or becomes despondent. The internet is flooded and it surely is a competitive market. On the flip side, there are also blogs that achieve great success shortly after the first post. So what is it that we need to do in 2017 to be part of the elite circle? Well for starters, you can begin by following the blogging trends to follow in 2017. Here they are.

Blogging Trends to Follow in 2017

Intimate experiences

With reality stars raising to top earners, it is no surprise that readers want a more intimate engagement with the blogger. You don’t need to share too much personal information but you need to have the reader believe that you are an important part of their life. Bond with your audience via social media by posting engaging content. Do not preach to anyone or talk down to people. Instead, pull them into your world and your mind. Reply to the comments you receive and send out surprise emails to make them know you are thinking about them. You need to gain the trust of your audience and build valuable relationships with them with the help of blogging trends to follow in 2017.

Visual content
This year, videos and images will be big. Join the movement and focus on good visual content on your blog. Don’t just post any and every picture you have. The standards are very high and online viewers expect good quality. Remember this is a competitive market to break into and you are not going to do that by posting small, blurry and poor quality visual content. An image will always capture the attention of an individual quicker than a block of words. This is just the way our brains function and as a blogger, you need to tap into that. I am more likely to click on a recipe if the image of the result looks appetizing.
High standard content

Content Is King

Gone is the days when you just post a random article based on your views. Remember, there are a lot of good blogs out there providing informative and true information. Your ramblings about a flat soda are not going to cut it this year. Do some markets research and find out what your audience wants. Cater to their needs instead of your own. Another thing that will not cut it this year is poor grammar and badly written sentences. You can rephrase online easily and there is no excuse. Find a good grammar checker and paraphrase online. Remember in school when you had to reword essay upon essay. Look at your content in the same light. Do not put anything out there for the world to read if it is not of the highest standard.

Create something that only you offer
This goes hand in hand with creating a brand. You want something that is synonymous with you and your blog. What do you offer your readers that another blog does not? There are so many to choose from, so what makes you stand out amongst the crowd? Create an eBook or an informative course in your niche. Do live-streaming on a Wednesday or anything that just you do. Think about it and offer something that translates to who you are and how much you care about your audience.
Longer posts
You need to aim for around 1000 – 2000 word articles minimum. Before search engines give preference to blogs that are updated often. No preference is given to blogs who post maybe once a week but with longer, quality and current information. The days of 500-word articles are long gone. Information is key and the more information you provide, the better for your rating. If you do not have a blog with a good rating, the chances of you being found on the net are much slimmer. Instead of posting 4 poorly worded articles a week, opt for one article that has gone through a quality process. Research all aspects of what you write and post on your blog and make sure the facts you post are accurate.
Fewer blog comments

Even though blog comments will decrease, the conversation rate will go up. I remember when a blog’s authority was measured by a number of comments on each article. Now we are more drawn to social media platforms. The interaction is easier and more casual than those of blog comments. You need to become a social butterfly if you want to connect with your readers. Have a profile on all the major platforms and make sure you reply to as many questions, comments, and compliments. Your blog is your business (even if you are not worried about financial gain) and your readers are your customers. Keeping them happy will result in a better recurring traffic rate.


A lot is changing in the blogging community and if you do not follow the trends, you might be one of those people whose blogs go cold. The audience will speak up and say what it is they want and as a blogger, you have to follow. You will have to create a brand that is stuck in the heads of anyone who visited your blog. Give your readers a positive experience, not an outdated version of a good blog.


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