The Best WordPress Cache Plugin as the best caching solution for WordPress. These caching plugins for WordPress help to speed your website in no time!

Before moving to the list of the best WordPress Cache Plugin, we must need to know what is caching in WordPress?

What Is Caching?

The making copy of dynamic website to static site to reduce server rendering times & speed up the website called caching. The more advanced level of caching is optimizing the JavaScript & CSS files by minifying and compressing them. A cache is a temporary storage area. The cache is a special high-speed storage mechanism.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improves the UX (user experience) of your website by increasing website performance & reducing download times via features like content delivery network (CDN) integration.

W3 Total Cache is the only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework, specially designed to improve user experience & Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Trusted by numerous companies like

AT&T,,,,,,,,,,,, & tens of thousands of others.

WP Rocket

Caching creates a fast load time, essential for improving SEO and increasing conversions. When just need to turn on WP Rocket & page caching is immediately activated.

Some Features

Quick Setup: Configuration is simple, fast & intuitive. No programming knowledge is required.

Page Caching: When you turn on WP Rocket, page caching is immediately activated.

Cache Preloading: Because WP Rocket crawler simulates a visit to preload the cache, the indexing of your website by search engines is instantly improved.

Others Are GZIP Compression, Browser Caching, Google Fonts Optimization, LazyLoad, Minification/Concatenation, Defer JS Loading, CloudFlare Compatibility, CDN, DNS Pref etching, Mobile Detection, Multisite Compatibility, Ecommerce Friendly, Multilingual Compatibility, Connected Users, Import/Export, Developer Friendly, White Label.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. Once After, an HTML file is generated your web server will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier & more expensive WordPress PHP scripts. 99% of your visitors will be served the static HTML files. Those users who don’t see the static files will still profit because they will see different cached files that aren’t quite as efficient but still better than uncached.

WP Super Cache plugin will help your server cope with a home page appearance on or another social networking site.

The plugin serves cached files in 3 ways



Legacy caching

Advanced users will seemingly want to use mod_rewrite caching.

PHP caching is almost as good & recommended for everyone else.

WP Super Cache – Clear all cache

WP Super Cache – Clear all cache plugin clears completely the cache from WP Super Cache, directly from the admin menu.
Plugin Available in 2 Language

  1. English

2. Spanish – Read here more about it.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache WordPress Cache Plugin

The setup of this plugin is so easy & you don’t need to modify the .htacces file as it will be modified automatically.


  • Mod_Rewrite, which is the fastest method, is used in this plugin.
  • Admin can delete minified CSS and JS files from the options page
  • Block cache for a specific page or post with Short Code
  • All cache files are deleted when a post or page is published
  • Admin can delete all cached files from the options page
  • Cache Timeout – All cached files are deleted at the determined time.
  • Cache Timeout for specific pages
  • SSL support
  • CDN support
  • Enable/Disable cache option for mobile devices.
  • Enable/Disable cache option for logged-in users.
  • Preload Cache – Create the cache of all the site automatically.
  • Exclude pages and user-agents.

Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is a cache plugin explicitly written to get the maximum speed for your WordPress blog. This can be used in low resources hosting as well on high-end servers.

Hyper Cache is purely PHP & works on every blog: no complex configurations are needed & when you deactivate it no stale settings are left around.


  • Mobile aware: double cache for desktop & mobile site versions
  • It’s HTTPS ready.
  • Manage compression even on the fly for non-cached pages.
  • Lots of configurable bypasses: matching cookies, user agents, matching URLs
  • Mobile theme switch option: change the theme on mobile device detection.
  • Able to serve expired pages to bots to increase the perceived blog speed by bots
  • Comments aware: is able to serve cached pages even to visitors who commented on the blog (perfect for a blog with great readers participation.)
  • Autoclean to controls the cache used disk space
  • CDN support
  • Other special options
  • Cache folder can be moved outside your blog space to exclude it from backups.
  • Controls over cache cleaning on blog events
  • Response header signature to check the working status
  • bbPress specific integration

Comet Cache

Comet Cache Plugin is an advanced WordPress caching plugin inspired by simplicity. Speed up your site with an intelligent & easy-to-use cache. Comet Cache Plugin takes a real-time snapshot [building a cache] of every Page, Post, Link, Category, etc. These taken snapshots are then stored (cached) intuitively, so they can be mention later, in order to save all of that

processing time that has been dragging your site down & costing you money.


  • Simple & well-documented configuration.
  • Options to control the automatic cache clearing behavior for Home and Posts Page, Tag, Author Page, Category, & Custom Term Archives, RSS/RDF/ATOM Feeds, Custom Post Type Archives, and XML Sitemaps.
  • URI exclusion patterns.
  • The ability to set an automatic expiration time for cache files.
  • Client-Side Caching.
  • User-Agent exclusion patterns [now supporting wildcards too].
  • HTTP referrer exclusion patterns [now supporting wildcards too].
  • Caching for 404 requests to reduce the impact of those requests on the server.
  • RSS, RDF, and Atom Feed caches.
  • The ability to cache/ignore URLs that contain query strings (GET Requests).
  • Apache Optimizations to enable GZIP Compression.
  • WP-CLI Compatibility.
  • An Advanced Cache Plugin system for theme and plugin developers
Autoclean to controls the cache used disk space

CDN support

Other special options

Cache folder can be moved outside your blog space to exclude it from backups.

Controls over cache cleaning on blog events

Response header signature to check the working status

bbPress specific integration


Cachify WordPress Cache Plugin optimizes your page loads by caching posts, pages & custom post types as static content. You can choose between caching via database, on the web server’s hard drive. Whenever a page/post is loaded, it can be pulled directly from the cache. The number of database queries & PHP requests will dramatically decrease towards zero, depending on the caching method you chose

  • Works with custom post types.
  • Caching methods: HDD, DB, APC & Memcached.
  • “Flush Cache” button in the WordPress toolbar.
  • Support WordPress Multisite.
  • Optional compression of HTML markup.
  • Dashboard widget for cached objects.
  • Settings for Apache and Nginx servers.
  • White lists for posts and user agents.
  • Manual and automatic cache reset.
  • Automatic cache management.
  • Extendability via hooks/filters. is the easiest & fastest WordPress Cache plugin. This project is maintained on Github. does not cache the wp-admin backend. In fact, doesn’t even serve cached files to the admin.

Simple Cache

Simple Cache WordPress Cache Plugin is a very simple plugin to make your site run lightning fast with caching.

This was constructed after getting frustrated with the significant caching plugins available & building sites with developer-only complex caching solutions that get millions of page views per day.


  • Extremely simple one-click installs. There is an on-off switch. That’s it. No need to wade through 50 complicated settings.
  • Easily clear the cache if you need to.
  • Simple Cache makes your site run very fast so you can handle lots of traffic.
  • Extremely easy to delete. Don’t like the plugin? You can remove it, & your website won’t break.
  • To enable gzips compression.

Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler plugin creates static HTML files & stores them on the servers disk.

The web server will deliver the static HTML file & avoids the resource-intensive backend processes [core, plugins & database]. This WordPress cache engine will improve the performance of your website.


  • Efficient & fast disk cache engine
  • Automated and/or manual clearing of the cache
  • Expiry Directive
  • Support of 304 Not Modified if the page has not modified since last cached
  • Manually purge the cache of specific pages.
  • Display of the actual cache size in your dashboard
  • Minification of HTML and inline JavaScript
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Custom Post Type support
  • WebP Support (when combined with Optimus)
  • Supports responsive images via srcset since WP 4.4
  • Works perfectly with Autoptimize
  • HTTP/2 Focused


Secure your website with Wordfence. Worche Pludfence Web Application Firewall stops you from getting hacked. Wordfence Scan leverages the same proprietary feed, alerting you quickly in the event your site is compromised. Wordfence Live Traffic view gives you real-time visibility into traffic & hack attempts on your website. A deep set of additional tools round out the most complete WordPress security solution available.

Wordfence Security is 100% free & open source.

LiteSpeed Cache

The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that communicates with your installation of LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) & its built-in page cache, LSCache. As, because LSCache is built directly into LSWS, overhead is significantly reduced and caching can be done more efficiently than with other PHP-based caches.

  • Automatic page caching greatly improves site performance.
  • Support for HTTP/2 & HTTPS out-of-box
  • Automatically purge related pages based on certain events.
  • Single Site & Multi-Site support
  • Supports WooCommerce and bbPress
  • Can cache desktop and mobile views separately
  • Allow configuration for do-not-cache by URI, Categories, Tags, Cookies, and User Agents
  • It has an API system that enables other plugins to easily integrate with the cache plugin.

SNS Count Cache

SNS Count Cache is a plugin that helps you to shorten page speed loading time displaying share & follower counts through the use of cache mechanism.

Notice: ⇒

PHP Version 5.3+ is required in order to activate & execute this plugin.

We hope this best WordPress cache plugin list helps you to choose the one which full fill your requirement. Stay connected & visited for more updates.

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