Best ways to improve your website. As everyone knows, the web has quite a huge completion these days. Every niche has thousands of websites & blogs competing for the same audience & visitors. But to get a big amount from them then you need to constantly keep on improving the quality of your website & website content as content is a king. Actually there are many best ways, strategies are available to improve your blog or website.

Keep on update your website Theme or Template on a regular basis

Whether you use simple HTML / CSS or a CMS like WordPress to build your website, updating your current template on a regular basis is just a matter of browsing. If you’ll be using a professionally designed template, so this is one of the best quickest and easiest ways to actually improve your site.

Content is a king so keep on improving your writing skills or managing good content

Best ways to improve your website. everyone knows, website content needs not only to be juicy & unique, but it’s also well written as per the page theme; if it’s not you’ll definitely end up losing many visitors along the way and this is the reason why you need to consistently be working on your content writing skills. Some websites can help to write good content like Daily Writing Tips & BBC etc. Every day they publish about writing and new tip about grammar, punctuation, spelling and the like.

Keep collecting the SEO Knowledge or techniques

Search Engine Like google, yahoo, Bing is by far the largest traffic source you can have, but it’s a hard one to get rank in these search engines because their algorithms change pretty much daily. Even if you have ample knowledge of how SEO works, still it’s a tuff task to get a good rank in search engine results. There are multiple parameters Google considers for ranking like HTML structure, metadata, page load speed, and many more.

You must work onsite load faster

This is also one of the most important aspects of your website’s performance is the speed it takes to load. There are many techniques to make your site load faster. Also, some good tools are available to test how you are website currently doing:

  1. GTMetrics
  2. Google PageSpeed
Both will help to give you a score and also a report with guidelines & directions on how to improve it. Some common tricks are pretty to achieve this, like group multiple CSS files into a single one or loading all JavaScript scripts file at the footer instead of loading at the header section of your website.

Make your site device friendly (Mobile, Tab, etc)

Mobile is the biggest trend probably everyone has seen in the last few years. One fact is there the first smartphone was introduced in the year 2007 (i.e. iPhone) and after eight years we already have more mobile users than desktop. Google already announced that it’s essential to make your website mobile-friendly if you need to get your site in good search rankings, To check your site there are many websites are available but google also provides their own platform to check your website responsiveness. You may check here

Use proper relevant images

There are most of the website owners focus mostly on the textual content this is also important but several studies suggest that sites with relevant & appropriate images across the content lead to engaging the potential users much more effectively / efficiently. Indirectly it means that by using relevant images you can boost the overall time visitor will spend on your website.

Use relevant video

I don’t think I need to convince anyone about the popularity of video on the website. What you might don’t know is how to use video on your website is easy and help to get more visitors in the long run. There are much open-source software you can use to create the relevant video.

You must build a subscriber list

A subscriber mail list is one of the most effective ways to drive potential traffic to your site. If you sell a service or product, it will be even more efficient, as you get the chance to reach your user easily & engage your mail subscribers at any time and this will make their mindset much more likely to buy from you. Some email marketing providers are available in a market such as Mailchimp or Response and most of them have free plans you can use if you have a small email list.

Must make your site easy for the user to contact you

There is a possibility that your users will contact you for several reasons. Some will have queries, questions about a specific aspect of your site. Others will complain about something that is not working as needed. This kind of feedback is most valuable, so make sure that it’s damn simple for your visitors to get in touch with you.

Hope this article helps to Improve Your Website or Blog.