Conversion is the bigger issue.

Take your business to places where your customers enjoy it. Social networks are internet services that help you to interact with others and create and share content through online communities. Here we have some best social networks to promote your business online.

Social media/networks present great marketing opportunities for all start from small to large size businesses. You can help you to promote your brand name, and business also can spread the word about your brand, It can tell customers about your products and services, it also helps to know more about customers view toward your business, it attracts new customers, it builds stronger relationships with new & existing customers.

Here, in this article, we will cover some of the most famous & more effective social bookmarking & social media websites. some best social networks to promote your business online are given as following:


There are many benefits of staying active on Kingged as they pay for activity and engagement. They pay for things like the contribution of making comments daily. It’s an active community and a submitted post is well-received by their members. Surely it’s a great place to stay active.


Tsu is very new, but they have built up an initial base to work on. Bloggers & Marketers have started catching up on Tsu already and are actively sharing their posts and getting engagement.


It is easy to reach the biz sugar homepage for a submitted story if you are active on the website. Most of the stories that reach the homepage not only get a lot of traffic, but they also help to gain visibility among the online business class.


There are many social bookmarking sites but most aren’t managed properly. So, if you are searching for a community that is managed and is active, then klinkk surely holds a top spot.

Some well know the platform


Facebook social sharing website
It helps to set up a business page and allows you to post special offers to all those who Like your page.

65% of users go on Facebook daily.

Google Plus:

Google Plus social media search giant

Create a Google+ profile for your business and start a Google+ community on a topic related to your services/business.


Yelp is a social review website.

67% of reviews are 4-5 stars.


Twitter micro-blogging website

It helps to send out short tips (140 words) via Twitter related to your services or products.


YouTube video sharing

You can create a YouTube channel to help your online business to grow.


Pinterest images social media website.

Create a Pinterest profile for your online business, creating as per your requirement Pinterest boards with themes or product interests related to your business.


Instagram image and video social media


LinkedIn professional social media site


Vine video-sharing service

Has over 40 million users


Meetup promotes social interaction.

Some Advantages of social networks for business
  • Social media can reach millions of people all around the world
  • It can target particular groups, locations.
  • Most of the social media are free to use for business, but some are having an extra premium feature
  • Social Media quickly distribute information of your business to many people
  • It’s very easy to use their basic feature