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First of all let me say that “I love a lot Bootstrap” and in this article, I’m giving you the reason we can say benefits of using Bootstrap.

From last some years Bootstrap becomes the first choice as a front end framework. Bootstrap was introduced by twitter. Many Bootstrap lovers say “Bootstrap gave you feels like you’re building your own house without much of hassle”.

Let’s check the Benefits of Using Bootstrap

1. Easy to start
Bootstrap is so easy to start with. The learning curve of bootstrap is so simple & adaptable. Bootstrap offers LESS files as well as old CSS as per the user convenience.

To get benefits of using bootstrap you need to download the bootstrap files from GitHub & include them in head section of your HTML document. You can take advantages of Bootstrap along with CSS / LESS / Sass [after you download the Sass version].

2. Responsiveness

In these days the internet uses of mobile user is more than any other devices. Because of this it’s become most important to have your website device & browser friendly.

Gentle thanks to Bootstrap fluid grid layout which itself adjust the device screen resolution. Because of this rich feature there is no need to put extra effort to achieve this. Bootstrap has media classes to achieve responsiveness which work as per various devices sizes.

To learn more about media queries: Bootstrap Media Queries & Device Specific Styling

3. Great grid system
Bootstrap come up with 12-coloumn grids, layout & components doesn’t matter you’re in need of fixed grid or a responsive. With bootstrap ready-made classes you can specify at any place your column to load horizontally rather than vertically.
4. Speed Up Development

The most important benefits of using bootstrap is it speed up development. Instead of start coding from scrape, Bootstrap allow you to use ready-made coding blocks which help to build the foundation quickly. CSS-Less and cross-browser compatibility help developer to speed up development.

5. Time Sever
Bootstrap libraries offer convenient well pre-styled pieces of code which will give website a life. As bootstrap has pre-built well-styled elements which are commonly used in website help to save developer ample of time. And to those who don’t know much of designing it is life saver with time saver.

Some basic elements which are pre-styled with bootstrap are:

Typography, Code, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Images, Icons

6. Consistency
Co-Founder Mark Otto had described Bootstrap was built using core concept “Pairing Designers With Developers”. From this he want to say that Bootstrap ensures consistency regardless of who’s working on the project. Bootstrap shows result uniform on all platform so it’s output remains same on all browsers & devices.
7. Customizable
Bootstrap gave you choice to choose features as per your requirement and it is easily achievable using the Bootstrap customize page. Bootstrap customizer page has facility to tick the features you don’t need and your custom version of Bootstrap will be ready available for download. We can say Bootstrap will allow you to make bootstrap your own.
  1. Simple Integration
Bootstrap is very easy to handle and integrate with any platform. You can integrate complete bootstrap into old or new website or even you can use its part of element with your own written CSS.
9. Components
While developing any website we uses many component like alert boxes, Drop downs, labels etc. these all are covered in bootstrap already. These all component are already pre-styled in bootstrap.

Some pre-styles components are:

Dropdowns, Button Groups, Navigation Bar, Breadcrumbs, Labels & Badges, Alerts, Progress Bar. Etc

  1. Javascript plugins
For making website interactive we use many component and to make them component interactive bootstrap has numerous JavaScript plugins bundled in its package. If your website is using interactive like tabs, sliders then there is no need to try other plugin on web if you’re using bootstrap it’s more than enough to achieve that.
11. Friendly for any skill level

Bootstrap offers 3 different downloads depending on you skill level.

Bootstrap: it’s a compiled minified CSS, JavaScript & fonts.

Source Code: Source Less, JavaScript and front files, along with docs. This requires a Less compiler and some setup.

Sass: Bootstrap ported from Less to Sass for easy inclusion in Rails, Compass, or Sass-only projects.

12. Documentation
It is also the best benefits using bootstrap for a newcomer as well as to experience one to learn bootstrap with its well-written documentation which also include demos & examples to make learning easy.
13. Support

Bootstrap is a huge community you will get easy help whenever you are in need of. Bootstrap team keep bootstrap updated on GitHub. On Github it has 9,000 commits with more than 500 contributors.

Also, there are many repositories are available like I like a lot is bootsnip.com where you will get we created, modified & maintained web element.


Here I try to cover as much as benefits of using bootstrap. Bootstrap provides best front end platform with rapid development & responsiveness with consistency also supported by great community. By keeping the rising trend of bootstrap everyone must try it once.
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