7 Secrets on How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram, here you learn Step by step how to advertise my Business on Instagram?

Every day people open their smartphones to check what’s going on there, and 32% of all internet users are using Instagram. This may be the ideal time to introduce them to your business. If you use this social network, have you ever thought about seeing that lot of likes, how to advertise my company on Instagram? This need becomes even more apparent when we see statistics showing that 51% of Instagram users access the network daily, and 35% open the platform several times a day. Social networks already have their own audience, and with a good content strategy, you can also leverage that audience to advertise your business.

Step by step how to advertise my business on Instagram

There are two ways to reach users on the social network of the moment. One through organic outreach, and another through paid campaigns. This text separates the 8 secrets you need to know about how to start advertising your business on Instagram.

What idea do you want to convey before you advertise my company on Instagram?

It is very important to plot your strategy, posting random photos will not bring any results. Create a visual identity for your publications, for Instagram to have the face of your company. The default profile photo size is 152 × 152 pixels. So, you’d prefer clearer photos with no information, since it appears small to the user.

Short content is more effective on Instagram. That’s why we need to create succinct content by focusing on the main information you want to get when you advertise your business on Instagram and ensure that the content is read through to the end.

Understand the purpose of each post and monitor the results

You need to understand consumer behavior and use the results in your favor, so all interactions should be monitored.

If you asked people where they are going to spend the next vacation, your success criteria have to be how many answers you will receive. If you’ve just released a new product, the number of likes may already be a criterion. Always make this percentage-based analysis. As you increase the number of followers the tanned ones should also rise. If you count only the number of tanned you can lose control and not realize that you are getting a base of disengaged follower

Which hashtags can help you advertise your company on Instagram?

Hashtags are keywords that group photos by the content within Instagram. They are a great way to increase your reach because they are part of the network search engine. This makes your content not only limited to your followers.

Currently, the three most used Instagram hashtags are #love, #instagood, and #tbt. But even if using one of these you may appear to a larger number of users, it will not be effective if it is not the context of your publication. Ideally, you should look for hashtags that help you advertise your business on Instagram and are within the context of your publication.

Observe the best time to post

Research indicates that Instagram, because it has the majority of accesses coming from cell phones, does not have an exact peak time. The only time the result is really bad is between 3 pm and 4 pm

However, Instagram has an algorithm that selects the order of the photos in the news feed, based on the number of tanned, the interaction of users with the post, and the interaction of the users with the brand, based on the probability that it is interesting in its content. So if you schedule your post between six in the morning and noon, there is a greater chance of appearing in the feed.

Beware of apps to get followers

You will not get a high audience overnight. The process of publicizing your company requires dedication, so you will achieve loyal followers and real interaction with your brand. There are a number of applications for followers today. The main problem with these applications is that they do not make a selection criterion to interact with other Instagram users. That way you’ll be attracting a disinterested audience to your brand, and the number of followers will become more of a vanity metric. To increase your reach faster, it is always better to seek out a specialized agency to tell you the best strategy.

Take photos with quality

It may seem like an obvious tip, but this is a crucial point in knowing how to advertise your business on Instagram. Instagram is a completely visual social network, so the quality of the photos has a total influence on how your message will reach your customer. Images are displayed at 600 pixels wide, but the optimal size to ensure post quality is 1080 pixels. For paid ads, Instagram Ads allow text to occupy 20% of the image. Take this into consideration when producing your parts. You do not need to take photos and create content every day. Invest in high-quality photos, take a photoshoot and select the material for the month’s editorial calendar.

Create paid ads

In addition to all the organic reach, you will achieve by following the above tips, another way to advertise your business on Instagram is to create paid ads within the platform. Since 2015, when this function reached Instagram, several companies have already adhered to paid ads, only losing to Facebook. Through it, you can target your campaign audience and place direct call buttons for the purchase. Instagram uses the same Facebook data for audience targeting, so you can have the same criteria you use by advertising on Facebook, such as:

  • genre
  • age
  • language
  • City
  • interests
  • proximity criterion


For paid ads, you have a wider reach and can also sell to people who are not following your account yet. But to create ads, the first point is for your company to create a Facebook account. Social networks have a giant potential because they already have their own audience. Create an interesting content strategy and enjoy over 700 million users online to advertise your business on Instagram.