ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular email marketing platforms in 2021. Due to its advanced features, it feels upmarket like most of the expensive software in the market today. At first glance, you would expect it to be very expensive, but it’s not. ActiveCampaign offers high-quality services and features with its affordable plans. Although it’s not user-friendly for a new user it needs a fair bit of practice to get your head around.

So in this ActiveCampaign review, I am going to walk you through all its features and benefits that the Active campaign has on offer.
As I mentioned above, the Active campaign is not newbie friendly you need to work around it to understand it. Apart from being hard to use it has really useful features that you won’t find in any other autoresponder, and you will get used to it with time. One of the features that I like is its fast, easy to navigate and polished user experience.
Let’s look at some useful features

Marketing Automation(ActiveCampaign review)

Make it easy to run your marketing. Set up a welcome series with email automation, segment your contacts, or use simple workflows to automate the marketing no one has time for.

Let’s understand with an example
E-Commerce is a very tricky business to handle but putting it on automation is possible. It’s like hiring someone to handle your eCommerce store and manage sales. From handling abandoned carts to order fulfillment, bring more customers and save time for yourself. Almost 75% of eCommerce shopping carts get abandoned.

Sending automated abandoned cart reminders to your customers can help to reduce the abandonment of shopping carts on your site and bring more sales.
Similarly, you can run a win-back campaign when your customers become inactive for a while for example for 90 days to 180days. if that happens, and it happens when you run a business.

In a win-back campaign, you can send them a series of emails reminding them that they haven’t come or visit your website for a long time. Research from Technology Advice says, “82.4% of people stick to the brands that offer consistent deals.” Running an automated win-back campaign helps you keep your customers coming back for more.
Show your products in your emails and automation to share your product details with the right people. ActiveCampaign lets you add products directly from your website into the campaign and automation so that you can show people what they are most likely to buy.
Reward with a discount to the people who are most likely to buy from you again and again. Create segments with special offers by using repeat purchases, average order value, and total dollar spent. Use an automated welcome series to educate people like video tutorials on ‘how to use their item?’ after they made any purchase from you. Manage order fulfillment behind the scene. Use the CRM to create deal records, move shipment between the stages and create tasks.

CRM & sales automation

Active campaign CRM is absolutely powerful for small and medium businesses it keeps you organized and informed
giving you a full picture of leads and customers. It’s easy to learn how to use it. It integrates with all your emails and messages. You can see what part of the sales process all your leads are in, you can add new stages, you can move leads from one stage to another just with a simple drag and drop feature, you can create automation based on what stage your customers are in. you can create a new deal (leads)yourself, select a pipeline in which pipeline you want to add them, put them into different stages, you can also assign them a salesperson if you want.
Active campaign’s CRM automatically generates new leads based on the completion of forms or responses to emails. Leads then automatically progress through stages and are scored based on the action they take or failed to take. Each new stage reveals a new task for your sales team to complete, to keep the leads moving forward.
If your leads cool down automatically send custom messages to warm them up.
With unlimited pipelines and automation, you can continue to capture and prioritize those leads as you grow.
Share notes and assign tasks helping you collaborate and connect dots across the team.
With your sales process operating on cue, you can focus on the role of a lifetime, making sure your customers have the greatest experience imaginable.

Website messaging

Make meaningful connections with your customers. Answer questions, recommend products, offer sales, or ask for feedback at the exact moment they’re most engaged.

List Management
Lists are less rigid which means the same campaign can be sent to contacts on the different list. They are visible only internally to your business and can integrate with third-party programs like Shopify, zanier and more. You can configure start triggers to leverage the act of subscribing and unsubscribing to add contacts to automation.
You have different types of lists:- prospect list, customer list, advanced prospect list, advanced customer list.
Active campaigns list management is actually impressive.

Registration form

Active campaigns provide few options for creating different forms, including inline, floating box, and model(pop up). The form is easy to use and adding new fields is also straightforward. The form can be directly integrated to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, zapier, any page builder. You can also get the option to associate the form with Lists, Tags, and even deals.



With over 850+ integrations active campaign plays very well with almost all your favorite software. It works with WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, etc.

Spam checker
A spam checker automatically checks every email before you send it.

  • Reporting
  • The active campaign does an excellent job at reporting
  • Email performance(opens, clicks, bounce rate, unsubscribes)etc.
  • Link clicked
  • Geolocation
  • Social performance
  • Automation reports
  • E-Commercereports


Active Campaigns does a better job when it comes to email deliverability. Although it depends on a lot of other factors like,

  • IP reputation
  • Email authentication
  • Bounce rate
  • Spam complaints etc.


You can access support by clicking on the help icon from the bottom right corner. ActiveCampaign offers loads of support with Email, Live chat, knowledge bases, video tutorials. They also provide one on one training as an option, and a community forum where you can get in touch with other users.


Some other useful features

A/B Testing

Analytics/ROI Tracking


Calendar/Reminder System

CAN SPAM Compliance

Customizable CTAs

Drip Campaigns

Dynamic Content

Email Marketing

Event Triggered Actions

Image Library

Landing Pages/Web Forms

Lead Qualification

List Management

Marketing Automation


Active campaigns pricing varies depending on your list size
Below given are the monthly plan

Pro Plus Professional Enterprise
$15 /month $70 /month $159 /month $279 /month


Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Affordable and you can easily scale up Setting up the automations takes a little more than basic know how.
It’s easy to have different email sequences in the autoresponder It can be hard to find things you’re looking for at times. I had a hard time finding the reports recently and had to jump on live chat to find them. Pretty intuitive most of the time but sometimes not so much.
It’s so easy to tag leads in order to segment them in better ways. Deleting contacts is only allowed on a campaign level.
The editor for email design is simply the best. Updates sometimes make things worse and not better
Integration with WordPress, Clickfunnels,zapier The alert system could be much better.
Easy to use. I love the drag and drop. The speed of loading and moving between automations is slow
Forms are easy to set up and integrate. The Custom audience function on Facebook is not included in lite plan.
Custom tailors the user experience through tagging, automations, and lists It’s challenging to edit deals in bulk in the sales pipeline.
Web forms and associated triggers and automated campaigns are easy and powerful YouTube’s videos can not be embedded in the text of emails.
Easy, quick, hassle-free import of our lists from previous email management companies. CRM isn’t robust enough for complex B2B sales


Let’s compare Active Campaign with similar products.

Features ActiveCampaign Aweber Mailchimp
Total No. Of Users Over 1,30,000 1,50,000 14 million
Price and cost 0 to 500 sub’s $15 0 to 500 sub’s $19 0 to 500 sub’s $9.99
Integration Over 850+ integration Over 140 integrations Over 250 integrations
Deliverability Excellent deliverability Excellent deliverability Excellent deliverability
Analytics and reporting Yes, you can generate a variety of reports Yes, you can generate a variety of reports Yes, you can generate a variety of reports
A/B testing Yes, you can A/B test Yes, you can A/B test Yes, you can A/B test
Dashboard Pretty intuitive Pretty intuitive Bit clunky
Landing page AC recently introduced its landing page builder Yes, premade landing page templates available Yes, premade landing page templates available
Email builder Yes, drag & drop builder, pre-made email templates available,includes a plain and HTML editor Yes, drag & drop builder, pre-made email templates available,includes a plain and HTML editor Yes, drag & drop builder, pre-made email templates available,includes a plain and HTML editor
As you can see in the above table the other two tools match neck to neck with ActiveCampaign. But AC’s USP is its high-quality service at a very reasonable price.

Is it right for you?
ActiveCampaign initially started as an email marketing service. Now it is used by 1,30,000 users it’s a favourite tool of most of the small & medium businesses due to its initial offering. Over the years the company has evolved as a complete marketing solution with its built-in CRM, intelligent automation, and advanced marketing capabilities.
So my advice is to give it a try. It is offering a 14 days free trial and in my opinion, it’s a great tool that everyone would love to have.

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