When we search the query in the search engine we get multiple results for that search query. But the main question is why some websites are at the top for that search query? And the answer to that question is because of the technique called SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO help to get rank higher than a competitor in the search engine for the search query. In another word, SEO is the way to improve the visibility & presence of a website in search engines.

SEO processes to rank a website well in a search engine by developing website architecture which is easy for end-user to find content & that pages are device-friendly and must load quickly. It’s also the process of marketing to promote the website in search engines.

If you’re planning to do SEO you need to know how this works? How to do this?

So, let’s see how SEO works?

Search engine work in a specific manner like perform some activity to deliver the most relevant result according to the search query. It’s divided into 5 main steps:

1. Crawling

This is the process in which all the web pages get fetched from the website also the crawler finds all links & index them. This crawler is a software and in a manner, to Search Engine giant Google it’s called Google Bot. Crawler crawl web pages mainly text to get more ideas about the website.

2. Indexing
After fetching all web pages link & content from website need to store somewhere and that gets stored in a giant database called indexing. Indexing is a particular way to identify specific expressions & words which describe webpage and assigning those pages to relevant keywords.
3. Processing
Processing is nothing but a way to process the search request by search engine means to compare the search query with the indexed web pages in the database.
4. Calculating Relevancy
In the Search Engine database, there must be multiple web pages that contain search queries. Then the search engine starts calculating the relevancy of search query with each index web page which contains that search query. To calculate relevancy, every search engine has some algorithm which considers some parameter set by a search engine like Meta Tag, link structure, keyword density, etc.
5. Retrieving Results
Retrieving Results is simply displaying endless relevancy calculated result on the browser. This result is displayed in order to most relevant to least relevant.

We did how the search engine works? Now let’s check how to do SEO?

On-Page SEO Technique
Off-Page SEO Technique

So this is short information I deliver to you about what is SEO? Kindly share this with as much as just to help many to learn the basics of SEO also in their successful SEO campaign.

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