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SendPulse Review | Bulk Emails | SMS |

Web Push Notifications | Pricing

SendPulse is a messaging platform that enables users to communicate with all devices by SMS, Web Push, Email, SMTP, etc. It offers plenty of options like the selection of email templates, reporting, a drag and drop builder and more. Want to know how SendPulse is the perfect email marketing platform for all businesses?

SendPulse is easy to set up, free to start. You just need to create an account and tell SendPulse what you are planning to do with it. It will guide you through getting your first campaign out the door.

SendPulse offers multiple channels for communication with customers like email, web push notifications, SMS, and Viber. So you can send different types of messages separately or combine them into autoresponders.

With the drag and drop feature, you can create a responsive email without HTML knowledge just by moving the necessary blogs into the template. It allows you to create adaptive emails that look good on different devices and with any screen resolutions. Above all, it just takes about 10 minutes to create an email with plenty of free email templates that are free.

As this is an AI system, it also shows you the best time to deliver to each subscriber.

SendPulse has many awesome features. Some of them are:

Subscription Forms:

From the pre-designed templates, you can choose the best subscription forms or create your own design that can recognize your brand.

You can use any fields, store any image formats(which is free of charge), change the content in the form(and it gets automatically updated on your site).

It provides four types of subscription form:

  • Embedded Form: Place the form at any place you like
  • Pop-Up window: show the pop-up window at a certain time(either entry or exit).
  • Floating Form: These are easily noticeable by visitors to your site
  • Fixed: Attached to the bottom of the screen and does not disappear even after scrolling

One good thing about the subscription form is, they are responsive. They get adapted to any screen formats.

SendPulse allows you to manage all the settings from one place like subscription notification, confirmation email and confirmation page.

SendPulse Email Marketing Features

A/B Testing Auto-Responders
CAN SPAM Compliance Customer Surveys
Drip Campaigns Dynamic Content
Event Triggered Email Image Library
Mailing List Management Reporting/Analytics
Subscribe/Unsubscribe Template Management
WYSIWYG Email Editor

Automation 360:

This facility allows you to send messages as per the actions that were taken by your customers.

For eg. You can send the remainder to your customer about the product they have added to their cart but for some reason, they haven’t finished the checkout process.

Or, send a “THANK YOU” email after purchasing a product along with Feedback / offer a discount on future purchases.

Or, Welcome the new customer after they have completed the registration on your website along with the advantages of the company.

Or, you can create a custom event and configure the flow of messages after the event was triggered.

SO, what are the advantages of Automation 360?

  • You can send SMS, web push notifications along Emails.
  • You can keep track of conversions and users
  • Depending on the conditions and events you can send different messages
  • You can see all the emails received by the particular users
  • You can get the detailed visualization of all the data of the flow

Readymade Templates:

The SendPulse has a number of free templates with various categories like Holiday, Restaurant, Travel, E-commerce, Business, Healthcare, Education and others which can be used for setting up your own email campaigns.

A/B Testing:

A/B Testing or Split testing allows you to find out the most effective form of the mailing and tracking the subscriber behavior by comparing the different versions of the same mail.

When you opt for A/B Testing, it gives you one or more variants with the different email subject, address and email body, the only same thing is the recipient details.

The A/B Testing allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your mailing and let you improve the results according to the preferences of the customers.


Well, SendPulse collects all the statistics of each campaign and results in:

  • Open rate and click rate
  • Click chart
  • Geographic stats
  • Statistics by device
  • Error statistics

And, all these statistics are also available in your account as well as mobile applications.

In short, SendPulse Features includes:

  • Sendpulse is a single platform that sends emails, SMS and Web Push Notifications to the subscribers from one place.
  • It can automate your email marketing and can track it from a mobile app
  • With SendPulse’s SMTP Services, you can send an email directly from your apps
  • For the customers on the web, You can send push notifications
  • For your CRM, CMs and e-commerce apps, There are API integrations available
  • Android and iOS apps are available

SendPulse Pricing:

SendPulse Pricing:

SendPulse gives you an option to upgrade to the next plan according to your user count.

  • Free: For up to 2,500 subscribers + 15,000 emails a month + web push notification.
  • Monthly Subscription: For a monthly newsletter subscription with an option to choose the number of email subscribers you have. The Pricing varies upon the number of subscribers you are having. For a minimum of 2500 subscribers, you need to pay $10.82.
  • Pay as you go: For pay as you go usage, based on the numbers of newsletters you send. This option lets you pay for the emails you need. For minimum 10,000 messages, you need to pay $ 27.56
  • VIP Plan: When you have the subscribers over a million, and for them, you need a regular mailing program, then you can opt for this plan.
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