Generating online revenue is vital in this day and age, and to help with that, search engine optimization is a business’s best friend, and there are a number of online SEO tools that will help you to generate the much-needed revenue you seek.

With the help of Online SEO Tools, you will not only be able to maximize online revenue, but you will be able to build your brand and expand its reach, too, making it a wise choice to invest some time and money into SEO.

If you are wondering what Online SEO Tool is the best to use – as there are a number of amazing Online SEO Tools out there – we have put together a shortlist of our top tools that will help you to not only improve your business’s SEO but help you to understand the process:

Track your Website’s Traffic: Google Analytics – Best Online SEO tools

Google Analytics Online SEO Tools

Keeping track of your website’s traffic is vital in order to generate online revenue, and Google Analytics is a free online tool that will help you do just that.Google Analytics is used by millions of webmasters spread across the globe, making it one of the most widely used traffic trackers in the world.

In order to use Google Analytics, your website needs to be registered with Google and you will need to copy a special code that they give you. But as soon as the process has been completed, you can upload it onto your WordPress dashboard – if you use WordPress – and Google will start tracking your website.

Google Analytics will provide you with a detailed list that will include how many visitors have visited your website, what pages were visited, and the total number of unique visitors that have landed on your website.

All of these aspects provide you with an in-depth look at how visitors are finding your blog, give you ways that you can improve both your blog and your content.

Share Information on Social Media: OnlyWire

OnlyWire Online Best SEO Tools

Social media plays a big part in how information is distributed, and it is important that your brand has social media profiles on all the applicable platforms in order to share your website’s information and your products or services.

Online SEO Tools like OnlyWire makes the act of distributing the relevant information on social media platforms simpler, faster and easier by enabling you to automatically submit content to fifty different social media platforms all at the same time with one click of a button.

Some social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a number of others. All scheduled articles, once published, are submitted to the relevant social media platforms, which in turn drive traffic to your blog and increasing the likelihood of generating online revenue.

Pay Attention to Copy: CopyScape

Copyscape Online Free SEO Tools

Plagiarism can be detrimental to both your brand and your website, as Google and other search engines penalize websites that use duplicate content on their website by affecting your ranking, pushing your ranking further down on search engines’ pages.

It is advisable to avoid posting duplicate content on your website and to avoid posting the same content on your website on other websites to stop this from happening, making it easier for potential clients to find you.

To make sure the content you are posting on your website is original, run it through CopyScape, it will show you if it is, in fact, posted elsewhere. It is also advisable to invest in a content marketing strategy in order to plan the content you want to produce and post ahead of time.

More and more companies, according to Zeentree’s latest content marketing survey, “plan to increase their content marketing budgets over the next year”, because they are realizing its importance. By ensuring you have an adequate content marketing strategy and that your content is original, you will be able to generate online revenue.

Using these three Online SEO Tools will enable you to increase the traffic to your website, and generate online revenue as you will be able to keep track of your website’s traffic and distribute relevant and trustworthy information via social media platforms to your loyal and potential customers.


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