Best email marketing services provider of affordable email marketing software & email marketing services. They provide powerful email marketing with automation. We researched in depth dozens of email service providers and came up with few we think are best in email marketing services providers.

You probably receive a minimum of 10+ emails per day in your email box & send a minimum of 5+ emails. To receive & send such email you’re probably using email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or might be our own provided by hosting provider. But these email platforms are good when it’s needed to send one of mail to one individual or group. When it comes to sending many emails to many individuals & many groups you need a different email service provider.

To choose different best email service providers what you need to know about them?

See the below parameters you need to know before making any decision

Data Security, Support, Spam Filtering, Custom & Predesigned Newsletter Templates, Email Automation, Email Campaigns Tracking, Deliverability, Real-Time Analytics, Integration, Uptime and many more.

Let’s Start

♥ Best Email Marketing Service Provider For Higher ROI ♥


Mailchimp is one of the email marketing services providers that help to send bulk emails to clients, customers and others. Managing subscribers’ lists, building email campaigns, and reviewing campaign reports are the foundation of this application. Mailchimp is the web-based application that means it do not need to download or install it. We have to enable cookies, pop-ups and JavaScript to make Mailchimp work properly. There are the number of resources available on Mailchimp site, so we can learn more about email marketing, a glossary of terms and searchable knowledge base.


  1. Once you connect your store, you can sell stuff more. MailChimp can create targeted campaigns follow-ups of products and send back in stock messages. This makes you learn about what customers are purchasing so that you can send a better email to them.
  2. Any size for any design- Using drag and drop designer MailChimp can create campaigns that match our style.
  3. Powerful automation for the online seller- based on target based customer behavior, preferences, and previous sales; MailChimp makes sure that your emails should get the right person at the right time.
  4. Advanced analytics to grow your business – with advanced reporting features you can access it anywhere. you can monitor sales and website activities and inform your email content using google analytics with purchase data.
  5. The comprehensive mobile option that goes with you- with the suite of mobile apps it let you check reports, add notes to contacts.
  6. Hundreds of integration with apps you already use- As it is integrated with most popular apps such as Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, twitter Facebook, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey, you can easily sync data from those services, import content from other sources.
  7. Complex, flexible API documentation- Mailchimp scale with your business. It let you know whether it’s time to integrate with CRM or build own CMS. There are endless possibilities for functionality within the Mailchimp app.
  8. Data that works for you- it studies MailChimp user data to create new tools and products for Omnivore, the abuse prevention initiative works in the background to keep systems clean. As well as, researchers also tell you the best time to send campaigns. It automatically sends your campaigns at the same time in different zones.


Response offers a complete suite of simple powerful- scaled and customized solution for small and large companies. These tools are designed for those who want to implement effective and high impact campaigns that drive email marketing services ROI. They provide a spam-free solution with consistent deliverability over 99% which is the highest rate in an industry.


  1. It provides a complete suite of email marketing tools designed to deliver exclusive offers to subscribers when they are most active.
  2. It automatically removes those subscribers who mark your email as spam to maintain your reputation and ensure future deliveries.
  3. With GetResponse you can deliver only appropriate, highly modified and valuable content. This can be done with dynamic content. As soon as you create multiple campaigns for targeted group of customer, your engagement will grow.
  1. It provides you around 500+ newsletter templates that give you a brand new look just with few clicks; choose one of the styles and customize it within minutes in the way you want it.
  2. And what about responsive emails? Yes, you can create a fully responsive email which will look beautiful on any device. GetResponse email creator let you create responsive mail from scratch and all available email templates are responsive.
  1. With GetResponse you can divide your contacts into subgroups which will help you to maximize your engagement and let subscribers fell unique and important.
  2. GetResponse provides you a feature of A/B testing in which you can test, analyze and squeeze emails for peak performance. With A/B testing you can test anything from content to call-to-action.
  3. GetResponse provides analytical data for improving your ROI. It provides Metrics Over Time, one click segmentation, email comparison, real email ROI, auto responder statistics, smart reporting, social sharing stats, email clients stats.
  1. It also has a perfect time feature which let you send email at the time when users are most active and it will boost the rate of opens and clicks.


With Aweber, you can create a remarkable experience. Aweber provides an email marketing services automation platform that allows you to build a relationship with the subscriber.

  1. You can create a smart, flexible campaign and manage them easily. The campaigns also help us to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
  2. It allows you to send a sequence of automatically delivered emails i.e. autoresponders.
  3. It provides you good customer service.
  4. It gives you updates on email changes, analytical reports of email marketing, and expert advice for sure.
  5. It helps you to grow subscribers list by adding forms on your website, blog or Facebook for better reach.
  6. You can deliver an email newsletter to the subscriber according to people who read your last email and engage those people who didn’t. This assures that the right people will get right messages. It helps to create your message using drag-drop- edit, or use email template.
  7. It automatically delivers your recent blog posts to your readers.
  8. It integrates the services that you have used so you can easily sync your data, import contacts and get reports on how these newsletters are impacting on business.


It comes together with a strong group of email and SMS messaging services within a single and user-friendly solution. It also has some best features such as-

1.Email Designer- there is no need for a skill to design an email. We can just drag and drop with the designer that can also look great on any device. We can customize it with a template gallery. It gives personalized content with an inbox preview.

2.Contact management: with advanced search and segmentation, dynamic list and list management, we can manage our contact list. We have unlimited tools such as contact forms that support us for unlimited growth

3.Campaign reports: With live and accessible data we get real-time results that we can export in PDF or CSV formats. We can get the review from where we getting the best engagement, engagement of clickers, email platforms, and devices as well.

4.Marketing automation:  we have automation for everyone. We can create a workflow and with the help of it, we can have multichannel marketing.  With the help of campaign activities, advanced website events, contact attributes we can target the sales based on the response.

5.Transactional messaging: Reliable delivery of messages, email, alerts, notification, and message archiving & log; these tools make you trust in it.

6.Deliverability: With shared and dedicated IP options and IP pool management we have flexibility at great prices. you can protect your reputation with reputation monitoring and security and authentication.

7.Integration & API- After connecting with Sendinblue you can integrate with Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, custom subscription forms.


Campaigner is an email marketing services solution that helps all kinds of businesses to build up customer relationships and make sales.


  1. An email list segmentation tool helps to create a successful campaign. A static segment for highly targeted and effective promotion. And dynamic segmentation helps to create a segment in two quick steps for filtering contacts in real-time.
  2. To increase contact management, conversation, and interactions in mail campaigns; the campaigner provides an easy-to-use tool for A/B Split testing. This helps to improve conversation by validating any new design, copy, call-to-action or other change in an email campaign.
  3. The campaigner provides a detailed deliverability report. This offers a hard and soft bounce and another statistic. It reports a type of device that subscribers are using, checks a campaign status, the social media report and every other detail such as API reporting and Google analytic tracking.
  4. It provides autoresponder as well.
  5. With advanced email automation, we can send a targeted, customized campaign to subscribers based on action triggered. Email automation ensures better email marketing ROI.
  6. One of the best features is, with campaigners SMTP relay we can ensure transnational emails are delivered to customers’ inboxes. Campaigner guarantees about email deliverability. It provides the report of transnational email, email integration, secure connectivity and compliance, and advanced IT and developers who integrate much popular application as well.
  7. Campaigner lets you manage contacts, subscribers, email campaigns and a lot more with campaigner elements.
  8. With the help of deliverability, social integration, social sharing, user management, real-time ads, suppression lists and other advanced features are advantageous to enhance email marketing.
  9. Campaigner helps to import critical customer information, emails, forms and exclusion lists so that you can import customer information and email contact list precisely.
  10. For sending campaigns that represent your brand, campaigner let you customize emails along with 800+ templates and email editor for personalized communication with the dynamic content block. They are responsive design template as well.


Constant contact is all about a promise that they will help your small business and nonprofits succeed. They provide results through email, surveys, events, newsletters, Facebook promotions, online listing. It let you connect with your customers in minutes with email marketing services, with the finest feature for their customers. It includes one-click editing, comprehensive tracking, and social integration.

  1. Constant contact provides an editor that makes easy customization of the template of your choice. It is as simple as drag-n-drop. And the best part is it lets you save your time by designing your email template.
  2. It let you create a personalized email once and set it to send automatically for birthdays, anniversary, etc. At the right time. Whenever you add any contact in your autoresponder list, they will start receiving an automated series of emails so that your audience remains engaged and ready to take action.
  3. It provides tools that will easily add the person in your contact and the rest of the things are handled by themselves. We can say it does manage contacts with less management.
  4. They will help you with a tracking tool that will tell you who is opening, clicking and sharing your email in real-time. So that you can plan for your next steps.
  5. With constant contact, you have limitless possibilities of power to extend your marketing beyond the inbox. It will let you feel like you are driving a live event. You can manage it all in one place.
  6. It let you promote your email marketing on almost all big social media with social share.
  7. It also provides a Constant Contact Email Marketing App to manage your email marketing from wherever you are.

It provides an email integration so that you can use the tools you are already using.


Redcappi email marketing tool boosts your sales by helping you with building customer relationships. It targets bringing your customer back. It builds trust and loyalty with the customer.


  1. It helps to manage and grow your email list. Means, it allows you to manage all your email contact; collects and imports your contacts easily from various sources. With full-featured API, you can sync your contact database.
  2. We can easily create an email newsletter. For this, we don’t need any technical skills. Just we need to choose it from a variety of fresh colors or can craft on our own. We can extend our reach by just adding media quick links in mail. There are dozens of email banners to use or we can add it our own or upload our own.
  3. It gives us a feature that is committed to optimizing deliverability, which means we can send our email and the rest of the thing will be taken care of by them. It automatically takes care of unsubscribes and bounces for you, in that way, we will always be in compliance with spam laws.
  4. We can easily set up and use autoresponders i.e., after creating and scheduling autoresponders which will welcome new subscribers and automatically send a series of emails in the following days as well. It also contains a one-click unsubscribe link in every mail. You can schedule your email to be delivered on a specific date and time. The recipient can forward your email to their own friends too.
  5. It gives real-time stats that allow you to see a number of opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribed for any of our mail campaigns.
  6. It provides a built-in customizable sign-up form to add more subscribers.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is the coolest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. If you want email marketing services to be modest, then Mad Mimi is for you. Over 40 million emails are sent, shared and tracked using our pleasant and robust service, every day.


  1. Using Mad Mimi’s exquisite ultra-clean interface and thoughtful theme-design approach, you can prepare the best-tasting emails on the block. Be bold and look yummy.
  2. Mad Mimi helps you in managing gently into an efficient composure that looks perfect in all email environments. Use Themes to show your fluff and Modules to house your content and you’ll be ready to send an attractive email in minutes.
  3. Whether you are a technical equivalent of a finger painter or professional designer, you will find Mad Mimi an easy way to use and easy to love
  4. Whatever the number of the list you do have. It makes it simple to manage the list with an auto-update. You will find everything on one page so you don’t have to run around to find something you are looking for. You can add audience members exclusively.
  5. Mad Mimi recognizes the address and removes duplicates, bounced emails or unsubscribes as well. It is quite easy to add or move contacts between your list or start a new list.
  6. With Mad Mimi, you can sign up subscribers and add them to multiple lists instantly. Get the data; segment your audience for maximum targeting. Customize your message, Schedule your emails, link up your list, and choose who to send without being there at any time.
  7. Mad Mimi keeps tracking on who opened your mail, who clicked your links and who forwarded your promotion on to your friends. It also re-organizes your lists properly, removing the nuisance and saving your time.
  8. Mad Mimi keeps track of everything in style. You will know exactly how each customer cooperates with sumptuous promotions in clear, compact flow. It is easy to line up multiple campaigns so you can see exactly what your readers love about promotions.
  9. Mad Mimi has authentication at its highest levels. They make it easy to imitate the best practices with inclusive bounce handling, unsubscribe links and double opt-in. As it uses SSL, that is for sure that your information will be safe and secure during the transaction.

Vertical Response

The vertical response is a deluxe company that helps you to reach your customers via email and social marketing. Create professional emails in minutes otherwise, they will help you to do it. We can send up to 4,000 emails to 300 contacts every month for free. Why? You don’t have to until your business need grows. When they grow, Vertical Response provides affordable, flexible plans that can engage more people with powerful features.


  1. The vertical response allows us to choose one of the professionally designed free templates. They also provide responsive emails built with our mobile-friendly templates.
  2. You can create beautiful emails in minutes just by drag images and text blocks right into your emails and move them around the click of the mouse. Make your message stand out with background colors and patterns, a custom call to action button and more.
  3. Whenever a new member joins, make a first impression with a welcome email automatically delivered to people who join your list. Auto-responder will help you with it.
  4. Over half of emails are opened on mobile devices. And 70% of people delete that if it doesn’t look good. So vertical response provides each template that automatically adjusts to look great across a wide range of screen sizes.
  5. It also provides a tool that can automatically resend an email message to those contacts that did not open the original email. It does have an easy set that just has to enter a new subject line and just go.
  6. By making reports they make it easy to see what’s working as well as make it clear what to do next. They also provide easy to read stats and show who opened your email and what links they clicked on. It also gives you a list of those people who may have missed your message, or those who clicked.



Benchmark is a powerful and simple email marketing services that provides engagement tools for enterprises across the globe. With signup forms, you can expand your audience and autoresponder does the follow up for you. Benchmark crafts responsive, mobile friend templates that are ready for any devices.


  1. Benchmarks simple email designers allow you to bring your vision for your emails to life just by the drag-n-dropped feature. It is like a puzzle that you are going to fix it. Whenever you want to update, make it directly in your email template. As email can be read on desktop, mobile or tablet they should look best. So they provide the feature of responsive emails as well.
  2. You can edit your images in the email editor. Enhance your images by adding effects, stickers, or adding your message with beautiful font over the photo.
  3. It also has email templates for every occasion. It might be of any type, industry or holidays. No matter what your market is, they have templates for everything.
  4. You can change the look and feel of your email templates with their color schemes. You just need one click of the mouse.
  5. If you are having HTML knowledge and you want to build your own email from the scratch or you want to edit the template, you can do it with the unique feature of the code editor. You can use the dual view to see the design of your email while you are editing it.

Pinpointe Email

Pinpoint is a cloud-based email marketing software solution for B2B companies. Pinpoint carries big business features, services, and automation facilities to small and mid-size B2B email marketing services customers at an affordable price. Pinpoint’s Enterprise Edition provides a scalable dedicated infrastructure for large volume customers sending from 1 million to 20 million emails per month and beyond.


  1. Pinpointe’s built-in email designer is a simple, integrated campaign editor to create great newsletters, promotional emails and other correspondence for your prospects. There is a function button that allows you to create easily import and format text, change colors, create tables, add graphics from the graphics library these are the several features a Pinpointe HTML editor has.
  2. You can increase message delivery by checking your spam score first and reduce your risk with Pinpointe’s spam analyzer.
  3. By checking the appearance and deliverability of your email campaign several email system is a time sink as email clients are full of nuances, you can improve response rates by previewing your email before sending it.
  4. With google analytics, integration, you can track your email marketing campaign results. Then you can also measure people who click on your links in your email campaign to your website, transaction that is the result of your campaign, per visitors statistics, and if you are accepting orders on your site, you can track conversion rates and revenues generated as a direct result of your email marketing campaign.
  5. With autoresponders and event-triggered emails, you can create a drip marketing campaign that will magnify your email results based on your contact’s activities. You can set up a sequence of one or more drip marketing campaign that is sent after a contact joins a list. Before sending each autoresponder, select how much time to wait. For more sophisticated drip email marketing campaigns configuration, follow-up and selection criteria, you can try Pinpointe’s event-triggered email campaign.
  6. By personalizing each email you can improve response rates. Pinpointe allows you to personalize the email message subject field so that you can grab the prospect’s attention.
  7. Whenever email bounces, it includes descriptive information that might indicate delivery issues. Whenever they receive the complaint from someone, their address is automatically added to a globally banned list so that they cannot receive future emails as well.
  8. There are several features that Pinpointe has. Such as design emails and newsletters, tracking and reporting, maximizing response rates, easy web integration, managing subscribers, service and support, email marketing tool integration and many others.
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