All affiliate marketers would love to earn as much money as possible of the products they promote.

However, the reality is, you will not become a successful affiliate marketer unless you work hard and really master every affiliate marketing skill.

The affiliate marketing skills I am talking about here are:

  • The ability to find a profitable niche
  • Finding quality affiliate products to promote
  • Writing product reviews that sells

I am going to focus this article on how to find a niche that is profitable for affiliates.

Niche finding is so important that if it is done wrong it could solely be responsible for the failure of any affiliate marketing business.

On the other hand, if you did your niche research well then your product finding and traffic generation will be a lot easier.

The Basics of Niche Finding

Your niche needs to reflect your expertise.

It means that you are more likely to succeed in affiliate marketing if you know a lot about your niche and can provide above-average information on your affiliate website.

For example, running an affiliate blog in a niche like “muscle gain” is a good choice only if you know a lot about muscles and how to gain them.

This helps you provide your blog readers with advanced tips that they can’t find anywhere else.

Showing your expertise like that will make people trust you, and then when they read your affiliate product reviews they will buy what you recommend.

This leads us to the conclusion that trust is the cornerstone of any successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Why else would someone buy a product that you don’t own and you only recommend it?

Much like when a star figure (movie star or athlete) recommends a product in his TV ads.

People will buy it because they trust the person recommending it.

Achieving a high level of trust between you and your blog visitors is done via quality content.

Your niche will play a factor in deciding the type of content you provide.

But you can find those profitable niches? Let me show you a few techniques.

Getting Niche Suggestions from Google

Google’s basic search can be used to generate niche ideas.

Since Google has access to billions of searches, you can find out what problems people are searching for and this can be itself a niche.

Using Google’s autocomplete search feature you can generate tons of niche ideas to choose from.

For example, if you search for “how to get rid of a” and put “b,c,d…etc” instead of “a”, you will find interesting niches:

Affiliate Marketing Niche

There are other words you can use other than “how to get rid of”:

  • Software to
  • How to create
  • Buy

Another important use of Google autocomplete is to segment your niche.

Assuming that you already have chosen your niche, you can segment it further to get segments or micro-niches.

The benefit of segmenting your niche is to find more specific problems that people seek solutions for.

It allows you to stand out among your competing affiliate marketers in the same niche as yours.

For example, if you want to target a niche like “losing belly fat” then you can segment it further and promote affiliate products in that segment.​

Google “NICHE an” also replacing “a” with other alphabets:

Affiliate Marketing Program

As you can see, those are all segments for your niche.

Each segment targets a different set of people like women, diabetics, diet seekers…etc

And you will find in each segment that there are a different set of products to promote and consequently different affiliate competition.

Finding Affiliate Niches by Product

This technique is suited most for those who seek very high affiliate payouts and commissions.

I am going to show you how to find profitable affiliate programs and then you could detect the niche of this affiliate program.

But if you are going to apply this technique then you should be comfortable promoting different types of affiliate products (i.e. e-books, software, services, and physical products).

That’s because we are going to find affiliate programs based on a certain commission percentage, and this could give us different types of products.

Open up Google and search for “50%”:

Affiliate Marketing Program tips

Google will return affiliate program pages that offer 50% affiliate commissions.

You can browse the website of each affiliate program and find out which niche they are selling products in.

Finding Niches for CPA Affiliate Programs

CPA is short for cost per acquisition and it is another type of affiliate marketing.

The pay per sale is the most widely used form of affiliate marketing where affiliates get paid only when they generate a sale.

CPA on the other hand rewards affiliates for easier goals, like generating survey fillings and apps downloads (among other goals).

I am going to show you how to find the niches of those CPA affiliate programs because they could be lucrative niches.

Most CPA affiliate programs offer affiliates over $100 commission, unlike other regular PPS (pay per sale) niches that commonly have less generous commissions.

Open as it is one of the biggest CPA marketplaces.

Affiliate Marketing niche tips

Just by browsing their marketplace you see what niche they offer.

Most CPA niches are dating forex and mobile because the value of a sign-up or a download there is very high and product owners will pay good commissions for these things.

But I recommend that you choose CPA niches only after conquering the other regular affiliate marketing niches.

CPA’s niches require a high level of skills in list building and copywriting; you can learn those skills on your affiliate website.

After you master those skills you can then try out CPA affiliate offers.

In the End

No matter which niche you choose, you still have to work hard in building your online reputation and establish yourself as an authority.

Many affiliate marketing tools are offered in affiliate marketing training (like, and those tools can help you find your niche easier and based on good research.

After all, there are many strategies to find a niche, and there isn’t just 1 way.

Learning those strategies will widen your niche options and allows you to build more than one affiliate website in the future.


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