CSS contains different styles, fonts, colors & layouts of the web design. advantages and disadvantages of css HTML only specifies content structure there is CSS which specifies how the content should look. CSS gives HTML pages a beautiful appearance. CSS covers colors, fonts, margins, lines, height, width, background color, background images, advanced positions, and many other things. Let’s look some advantages and disadvanges

CSS helps you to make things easier / comfortable for your website also it gives you full control of the different element & their style of your website. By taking into consideration the advantages CSS offer, CSS become the wise choice for web design.

Let look at some Advantages and Disadvantages of CSS


1. Time Saver

Mostly we started web pages designing from HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). While managing elements of web pages written in HTML & there styles like font face, size, color, etc every time seems tough. So this task seems monotonous typing the same thing over & over again. But here CSS plays a vital role, by using CSS you only need to specify a repeated style for element once & use it multiple times as because CSS will automatically apply the specified styles whenever this element occurs for which it was written.

  1. Web pages are easier to load

CSS style sheets are preferred by web designers & developers for website development just because they are much lighter than the HTML element like table layouts. At the time of page load, the style sheet is downloaded once & gets stored in the cache memory therefore subsequent pages load faster. Also, because of the code reusability, the code length of the style sheet gets minimize & less code means faster download & loading times.

  1. Bandwidth Savings

By using style sheet we minimize the code & it also separates the HTML element from the style which takes apart website content from design language. Because of this file transfer become significant. These Bandwidth savings are substantial figures of insignificant tags that are indistinct from a multitude of pages.

  1. CSS compliments Well With HTML

Considering HTML individually for web development, it sounds insufficient but with the combination of CSS, it results technically stronger. With the combination of HTML & CSS, the application requirement of a rich UI become easier to achieve.

  1. Easier Positioning Web Page Element

Most of the time during web development the developer feels that particular images, links or columns are not going proper with the situation then just because of CSS it becomes easier for a developer to position them easily. CSS allows you to put any HTML element at whatever location you required to place.

There are mainly four different position values that are there in CSS: static; relative; fixed; absolute. Also, the elements are then get positioned by using the top, bottom, left, and right properties.

6. Print-Friendly Web Pages

Many developers love to build their HTML based web application which has print-friendly web pages & this becomes easier by the use of CSS. With the use of CSS, the colors, images & other things that are difficult to be printed can be eliminated and printed easily. CSS help to transformed Web pages from a browser-friendly page to a printer-friendly page.

7. Easy For User To Customize The Web page

These days many websites allow visitors to change the web pages layout without affecting the content. This becomes possible just because CSS style sheets that are stored externally allow the visitors to make required changes on their own. Also, the modern browsers too started giving visitor the liberty to define their own style like changing some color, font properties etc.

8. Easier to feature in search engines

Because of the best feature of positioning web developers can put any element of a web page at any place. This help developer to position the most important content very effectively on web pages, Because of this, it gets captured by web crawler very easily. A search engine crawler will normally consider the main content at the start of your HTML code which is more important than the text towards the end of the code. By incorporating CSS into your web pages & CSS features a coding technique that is clear-cut and simple to read search engine easily locate you in search result. Less clear-cut code and more content equals search engine success.

  1. Web Pages Absolute Consistency

CSS allows consistency during the web pages development as all the expression & text get their characteristics from the style sheet. Because of the external style sheet, Web developers need not worry about the change required in characteristics of the elements as they can be easily altered at any moment of web development by using CSS.

10. Portability To Content

CSS allows you to manage multiple style sheet for different web pages & because of this, it becomes flexible to handle any changes as per the requirement. This also allows redefining the characteristics of page elements on a website to suit the requirement of the situation.

11. Viewing Options

In today’s world, people are using multiple devices as per their convenience and because of this, the need increases to make websites available for different media. But no worry CSS can help you to tackle this challenge by providing the feature of media quires for device friendliness. Using media queries you can make your web pages responsive which will adjust themselves as per the device.

Other Advantages of CSS

  • It provides you attractive look to your web pages
  • It helps to separate the document content
  • It reduces the file transfer size

It increases your website’s adaptability


Browser compatibility (some styles sheet are supported and some not)


CSS is a leading style sheet programming language today and has been hailed as the future of web development and programming. Advantages and Disadvantages of CSS is essential while web design.


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